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Syracuse Cooperative Market is owned, controlled, and used by member-owners; individuals who are invested in the mutual benefit that our sustainable, thriving, cooperative commerce brings to our community.

Your contribution and continued participation in the Syracuse Cooperative Market is a valuable investment for you individually. It is also an effective economic and social tool for our community. Equity contributions help the Co-op support local farmers, producers, and artisans; the local economy; food education; community outreach programs; community building initiatives; thoughtful, responsible consumerism and the cooperative economy.

Co-ops are owned and democratically controlled by the people they serve. Being an owner is the best way to ensure that your Co-op continues to meet your needs. There are other benefits to becoming an owner of Syracuse Cooperative Market. Those benefits include:

  • Monthly Owner Specials
  • Community Connections Program (See dropdown tab under Membership)
  • 10% Discount on case orders
  • Quarterly issues of The New Leaf
  • Eligibility to run for Board of Directors
  • Eligibility to participate in committees
  • Access to special owner events
  • Patronage Dividends*

* Patronage Dividends:

A mechanism for equitably sharing profits in cooperatives. The mechanism is widely used in Co-ops around the world: patronage dividends. There is even a history of our Co-op offering patronage dividends; we have before, but due to poor financial performance in past years it has only been once. Through patronage dividends, Cooperatives return to their members a percentage of net profit from owner activity. These dividends are distributed based on the total amount each individual owner spends at the Co-op throughout the fiscal year. It is simple for an owner to take advantage: just shop using your member number, and your return will be calculated upon your annual total patronage. At the close of the fiscal year, the Board of Directors votes on the General Manager’s recommendation for patronage dividends, and dividends are then distributed to members based on the previous year’s results. Some years the Co-op will have enough net profit to return a portion to owners, some years it might not.

Becoming an Owner:

Your ownership is paid for with an equity investment of $100.00 ($50.00 for seniors (65+) and students). You may pay it in full or you may pay $30 with your application and $5 monthly until the balance is paid. Becoming an owner is easy! Just fill out the information below



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Personal Information
Payment Plan
Skills and Contributions
What skills can you contribute? Are you an administrative pro, skilled at writing professional press release, or friendly and knowledgeable about the values we share?

*No one is denied ownership. If you are unable to make the up-front investment, you can still become an owner! Please contact us to make alternate payment arrangements.


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