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Congratulations! We did it!

We are thrilled to welcome new directors Amanda Wada and Larry Rutledge to the board of the SRFC. Co-op members also voted incumbents Thane Joyal and Karl Newton back for a three-year term. Daniel sanders was voted in as our president.

We are also very, very excited that our new bylaws were voted in with out a single negative vote. Thank you for engaging with us in this process.

2012 board of directors:

Daniel Sanders, President

Julie Longmore, Secretary

Walley Francis, Treasurer

Chris Fowler

Karl Newton

Thane Joyal

Larry Rutledge

Amanda Wada

Open Letter to the membership of the Syracuse Real Food Cooperative

Dear Fellow Coop Member:

For the past couple of years a dedicated group of Coop members have worked very hard to put together a new set of Bylaws that will help the Coop and the Board of Directors with greater efficiency. We are pleased to announce their job has been completed. The Board of Directors will be presenting to our membership at the annual meeting these Bylaws.

We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank this committee. The members included Ron Ehrenreich, Mark Fitzgerald, Larry Rutledge, Karl Newton, Thane Joyal and Walley Francis. Input on the final draft was also given by Marilyn Scholl of CDS Consulting Co-op and the Board. All performed yeomen’s work in compiling a document that as Ron said, “We think this is a set of bylaws that is empowering to the board and respectful of the membership.”

The following is a brief overview of the process that was used. The committee met regularly once they were established by a board resolution in early 2010. Their meetings involved intense discussion of each section of the 2009 and preceding bylaws. Meetings were also held with the board to clarify certain items. By March of 2011 the committee had put together a Draft document that they presented to the Board. Due to some shifting of board membership the board did not meet to review the draft until June and July. The board in conjunction with the assistance of legal aid and Marilyn Scholl reviewed the document making some changes. Then in September the board and the committee came together to agree on what would finally be the bylaws we are presenting.

We cannot stress enough the importance of what a set of Bylaws means to this Coop. These are the laws the board uses to carry on our duties to our members and the laws those members must use to see that their rights are protected. We would encourage every member, if able, to attend our annual meeting to give their voice to this process. Attending the meeting is one of the most important obligations a member has to the coop.

Once again we wish to thank all those involved in this process, specially the Bylaws Committee. We hope to see you all in early December at the annual meeting.

Go Co-op,

The Board of Directors – SRFC

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